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First we would just like to say Thank you for your prayers & financial contributions to THE LAST TRUMP MINISTRIES! Without our faithful listeners and readers that are committed through prayer and financial support of this ministry, we could not have this last day radio broadcast. It is true that God does indeed love and blesses a cheerful giver according to 2 Corinthians 9:6,7. Daniel 11:33 says they that understand among the people shall instruct many and at this present time we are in dire need of your prayers and financial support so that we can continue fulfilling God’s commission in instructing many unto salvation. The financial support we graciously receive goes directly to obtaining more radio air time so we can continue reaching this world with the Gospel. Time is running out and we need financial partners committed to reaching the lost. Any offering amount that is received will enable us to buy more air time as well as materials needed to instruct and get someone else ready for the soon coming event called THE RAPTURE. Thank you, and may you be blessed beyond measure.Checks can be mailed directly to us. Please make checks payable to “Christ Tabernacle” and mail them to:Christ Tabernacle
PO Box 1272
New Albany, IN 47151

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